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Do you want to lose weight fast for that special holiday or to impress a certain someone? While there are many things you can do to lose weight you should never aim to lose too much too quickly. Often times, what you perceive to be the quickest way to lose weight can be dangerous and detrimental to your health. Faddy diets can help you lose a lot of weight in a short space of time but carry the risks of damaging your organs. The right way to lose weight fast but without risk to your health is to follow some of the simple steps outlined below.

Lose weight fast tip #1

Reduce your daily calorie intake
Losing weight isn’t hard as long as you have figured out that you need to burn off more calories than you take in. Write down how many calories you take in over a week and then figure out ways to reduce it either by exercising a bit more or eating smaller portions.

Lose weight fast tip #2

Figure out from your list what you can’t live without
You won’t stick you your new diet if it is bland, dull and boring. The key to losing weight quickly is to adjust the amount of calories you consume but also leave in a few of your favourite foods so you’re getting a reward from losing weight.

Lose weight fast tip #3

Figure out which unhealthy foods to ditch
You might look at your list of food and see that you eat a lot of junk. Figure out which junk you can get rid of and the ones you just can’t do without.

Lose weight fast tip #4

Sort out the most important meal of the day
While a greasy fry up of bacon and eggs can be gratifying you are probably better off giving it a miss. Start your day off with something low fat like porridge, oatmeal or a low fat yoghurt.

Lose weight fast tip #5 – Plan your meals in advance
Losing weight quickly doesn’t need to be a trial by fire, it can actually be quite fun. Look up new and interesting alternative recipes that are both tasty and satisfying. There are literally thousands of recipe sites on the internet and you will never be stuck for a variety of healthy meals to choose from.

Lose weight fast tip #6

Reduce your portion sizes
Most people fail at their diets because they are simply starving themselves, become miserable and then break their diet in a spectacular way. Don’t do this! All you need to do to lose weight quickly is to reduce your portion sizes, make them a little bit smaller and you should see a difference in your slimming attempts.

Lose Weight Fast Tips #7

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When it comes to losing weight and getting slim, the right combination of diet and exercise is key. While you can lose weight just by dieting and just by doing slimming exercise, your weight loss goals will be achieved more quickly by doing both. And in terms of exercise, getting the most out of your routine will also help maximize your weight loss goals. Following are five tried and true slimming exercise secrets.

Secret #1: Choose a slimming exercise that you enjoy. It’s hard enough sticking to a consistent exercise routine, even more so when that routine doesn’t fit your personality. So design a routine of activities that you enjoy, so that you look forward to working out.

Secret #2: Stick to your diet. Too often, people who begin and then stick with regular exercise routines start cheating on their diets. They figure that hard, regular workouts balance out unhealthy eating habits. The truth is, cheating on your diet will sabotage your exercise routine, and you’re likely to stop seeing results – which in turn can lead you to give up on exercising.

Secret #3: Exercise regularly. While choosing slimming exercise that you enjoy will encourage you to do it more willingly, that isn’t enough to lose weight. To get the most out of exercise, it is vital to exercise according to a routine, set schedule. Three times a week or more is ideal.
Secret #4: Recognize opportunity. Even if you have a set workout schedule, oftentimes life gets busy. While it is important to stick to your exercise routine as much as possible, also look for cardio opportunities in your everyday activities. Park at the back of the grocery store parking lot, for example, and walk.

Secret #5: Start the right way. In the beginning, focus on strength training and cardio workouts. These types of activities burn more calories, increase your muscle to fat ratio, and increase your metabolism. All of these things make it easier to lose weight and keep it off.

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When it comes to losing weight, many women struggle with finding the right combination of diet and exercise, and then end up getting frustrated and quitting. This is unfortunate, because slimming doesn’t have to be hard! By following just a few of these tried and true weight loss tips, you will quickly be on your way to discovering a new you.

Tip #1: Follow your grandma’s old rule about drinking eight to ten glasses of water a day. Not only is water essential to a healthy body, but with all that water in your stomach, your appetite naturally decreases!

Tip #2: Save big meals for breakfast and lunch. Most people eat their biggest meal of the day at dinnertime, leaving just a few hours for burning off calories – which generally isn’t enough time. So eat large breakfasts and lunches, and have light dinners.

Tip #3: If you are the type who works out, cut down on the strength training. This is a simple one: muscle is heavier than fat, and too much strength training will build lots of muscles. More muscle equals more weight!
Tip #4: Splurge once or twice a week. It’s hard to strictly follow a diet, and many women find the temptation to cheat too great. But by allowing yourself one or two “cheater” meals a week, that temptation is removed.

Tip #5: Just say no. If you are following tip #4, then you’re going to have to choose which cravings to follow. When you get the urge to splurge, give yourself fifteen minutes. You’ll be surprised at how quickly those urges disappear. This is a good strategy for when you want to eat between meals also.

Tip #6: Exercise in the morning. This one is easy too: if you start out your day exercising, you give your metabolism a kick in the butt that will last all day.

Tip #7: Exercise every day. Every single day, engage is some form of cardio, strength training, or both. Enough said.

Tip #8: When you get bucked off, get right back on that horse. You are human, and you will make mistakes, like eating a whole pizza right before bed. The trick is to forgive yourself, and keep trying.

Tip #9: Eat four to six small meals a day. Eating small meals encourages your metabolism to burn calories faster!

Tip #10: Before giving into those late night snack attacks, have a cup of tea. A nice, hot cup of tea will ward off those feelings of hunger.

Best Ab Belt | Does the Flex Belt Work or is it a Scam?

Flex Belt Reviews

Like you I have been researching the Flex Belt and reading reviews online. I didn’t really know if I should trust the information that was on the official website.
You see I was considering getting one for myself. There was a need for it. I had fat around my waste area. I remember my older sister using one of these EMS devices when I was a bit younger. It was basically a cheap version of the Flex Belt.

I can’t really remember what brand it was, but I tried it a couple times for fun and it was doing something to my abs. However, the device itself was made poorly and it looked more like a toy then a proper fitness device to me.

Fast forward 10 years and I have padding on my belly and the annoying love handles. Working behind the computer all day and eating a not so healthy diet hasn’t really helped with keeping my once normal figure.

I tried a couple of diets like the Dukan diet, No-carb diet etc.. Nothing seem to work and I was getting frustrated. I am in my mid thirties now and I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t be this pudgy anymore.
Enter the Flex Belt…

After doing extensive research online and reading all kinds of actual user comments I made the jump and ordered the Flex Belt. First of course I found a coupon to save $20 and get free shipping.

I will tell you more in a second, but first I must admit that I was skeptical. I mean nothing worked before so why would it work now. Let’s say I had my reservations if it really works or not.

Buyers Guarantee

The 60 day money back guarantee seemed to be solid and I saw reports of users that the company really adhered to it. I realized there was no risk to myself.
I would just get my money back if it didn’t do anything except massage my belly. I don’t know about you but I don’t need a massage there. I need it to go away.
Presentation and Packaging

When it arrived the box looked great, everything nicely wrapped and packaged. Everything looked well designed and the build quality looked solid. In the box you get the belt, the remote, gel pads (I had ordered extra pads which you see on the photo, normally you get 1 set), belt extension, AC adapter, carrying pouch and a user manual. At first glance it seems like a well made product.
So that started off good.

How it Feels and Worked for Me:

Since I had some prior experience with my sisters old ab belt ( which by the way looked like a toy compared to this one) I knew what to expect. You wrap it around your mid-section and use the Velcro straps around the back to secure it. You have to charge the battery, which is in the remote before first use. Then you just switch it on.

How it works

It’s kind of a funny feeling. Your abdominal muscles are flexing but you are not doing a thing. The belt is doing all the work for you. Every pulse that the belt sends through makes your abs contract and then relax.

Basically the same as if you we’re doing crunches or doing similar ab exercises. After a few minutes it starts to feel less unnatural and you get used to the feeling. I would then start doing other things like: working on the PC or sometimes just listening to music to relax a bit.

How I used it

Heck, after 3 weeks I would just strap it on and go for a walk around the neighborhood or do some shopping. This way I figured I’d be making it a double whammy. The belt would work out my abdominal muscles while I would also get the benefits of walking. The belt is easily hidden underneath a jacket and isn’t bulky at all so no one will actually see that you are wearing it.

The Flex Belt For Best Ab Belt is not your typical EMS device that you can only turn on or off. It has 150 intensity levels and 10 programs that give you a proper workout. This is the most amount of intensity and variation you can have. Other ab belts don’t have this many. Variation is good because you don’t want you muscles getting used to only one workout.

I mean after a session I could always feel it. In the first week I was getting a bit tired but after my muscles started getting stronger that feeling went away.
I started seeing results after a period of 2 weeks of continued use. I followed the instructions exactly and used it everyday for 20-30 minutes.

I saw some reports of people that were complaining that the pads didn’t last for more than 5 weeks. So I went on and did some research and found you can do some things do maximize the use of your gel pads.

After a couple sessions you can use a normal hand sanitizer to clean the pads. Just make sure you rub it in and cover the entire surface and let it dry or wipe off the excess. After every sessions you should cover up the gel pads with the plastic covers that they came with. Good thing I didn’t throw those away. I am still using the same pads for more than 2 months now.

My Personal Results:

I felt really great when I saw it was working. I could see some definition on my upper ab muscles. The device was really toning my ab muscles. Though my lower ab muscles were not that visible, but after reading some fitness articles I found that the lower abdominal muscles take longer to develop and show.
At first I felt a bit disappointed about this, but after a few days I started getting really motivated by the initial results and what I heard from people. So I decided to change a few things in my life.

I started being more careful with what I ate, meaning less sugar, and started losing some inches around my waist. This fueled me even more to get better results and I was getting more and more motivated to do something about this annoying fat belly of mine.

I think that before using the Flex Belt I wanted to get rid of it, but not really enough to do something about it I guess. This time I was really motivated.
Thanks for reading this far. I wasn’t sure if I should write about my experience with the flex belt, but I felt that it might be of use to someone out there on the internet. You can see I ended up changing my lifestyle to some degree. What the Flex Belt did for me personally, was to get started and motivate me. I know there are a lot of people that have the same problems that I had with my unwanted padding.

In Conclusion:

There is no so called flex belt scam. There is not a single mention on the flex belt official website that you will lose weight. It does what they promise it does and does it better than any other ab belt. It tones and strengthens your abs just like you would do crunches,planks and all the other ab exercises that everyone I talked to hates to do. If you need or want to lose weight you have to do more then slap up an ab belt. At least they are not lying to you about this or trying to suggest that you’ll lose fat with only the use of an ab belt.

I can only offer you so much information. If you want to learn more about the Flex Belt and want to see all the testimonials and the interview with Dr. John Porcari ( recommended) you have to go to the official website.

However, if you are considering buying the Flex Belt, it is better for you to use this link because it has a coupon enabled on it. This coupon link will get you a total discount of $ 36,95 on your order. Thought it might come in handy.
I sincerely wish you the best of luck in achieving your goals.